Why Your Baby Needs a Face Cream, Too

It might sound counterintuitive that your baby needs to use face cream, too. After all, isn’t the objective of many adult face creams to “turn back time,” aka give us the fresh skin of a newborn baby? But face cream serves protective and nourishing purposes for people of all ages. The difference is in the ingredients, as our individual skin barrier functionalities and sensitivities are dependent on many personal factors—especially age. And while you are probably already using a baby lotion on your baby’s body, the skin on the face is not the same, just as you wouldn’t use body cream on your own face.


Regardless of our age, our face skin is thinner than the skin on our bodies. In fact, even for infants and babies, facial skin is one-fifth to one-tenth the thickness of skin on other body parts. Babies, in particular, need face cream because the barrier function on their skin is not as intact as those of adults, leading to increased sensitivity.


Here’s why: Trans epidermal water loss happens naturally when hydration evaporates from the skin’s surface. Since baby facial skin is thinner and more sensitive than baby skin on the rest of the body, it loses more water. “I use the analogy of the roof of the house,” Dr. Joyce Teng, Evereden Mom, and Director and Professor of Pediatric Dermatology at Stanford Medical School, explains. “Using face cream is making sure the roof of the house is intact—that no matter how thick, the roof is not leaking through.” She recommends face creams that are made for sensitive skin or oil-based to maintain skin barrier function for babies.


If not enough moisture is being locked into the skin, babies can develop rashes beyond the diaper area, including on their face. Eczema can look like adorable rosy cheeks, but it can be painful, irritating, and itchy on sensitive baby skin. The simplest way to treat eczema is to maintain the integrity of the skin barrier through routine applications of face cream—aka, adding reinforcements to keep the roof intact before it leaks.


We’d all love to have skin as soft as a baby’s—but there’s a catch: Baby skin is more delicate, which means it requires more TLC. That’s why with regular applications of our gentle oil-based NEW Nourishing Face Cream, you can protect, nourish, hydrate, and strengthen your baby’s skin beyond the surface.


Our new formula features cold-pressed organic sunflower seed oil that strengthens, rebuilds, and heals your baby’s fragile skin barrier, while jojoba oil matches skin’s natural oils to ensure maximum absorption. Meanwhile, colloidal oatmeal naturally calms and soothes irritated skin. With these nutrient-dense ingredients, the delicate skin on your baby’s sweet face will have the strong barrier it needs to stay healthy, comfortable, and irritation-free. Treat your baby’s delicate facial skin with dedicated protection.

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